Make Your Move: 10 Tips and Tricks for a Pain-Free Move

Considering moving to a new home?

Of course it’s never easy: there are movers to hire, boxes to find or buy, and of course the packing to be done. Use this list of 10 tips and tricks to help you make your move pain-free and efficient.

  • Photograph your new place before moving in, and your old place after moving out. This provides evidence of the condition of the home if needed, and it also will help you plan where everything is going to go.
  • Use all of your existing luggage, storage bins, hampers, etc. to pack your items in to reduce the number of boxes you’ll need.
  • Start gathering boxes far in advance of your planned move. Warehouse clubs, liquor stores, and grocery stores are all good sources of cardboard boxes suitable for moving.
  • Use a utility knife to cut hand-holds into the sides of your boxes to make it less awkward to carry them.
  • Don’t just list the contents of each box – label the room where it will be going. Use different rolls of colored duct tape to color-code each box to the room it is going to.
  • Use towels, sheets, and articles of clothing to cushion your fragile items. Socks in particular are fantastic for protecting glasses and stemware.
  • Keep ziplock bags and a sharpie handy so that you can keep small parts and other items neatly organized and labeled.
  • Seal drawers with a press-and-seal wrap or wrap them in saran wrap to keep the contents from spilling out.
  • If you hire movers, ensure that they are bonded and/or insured. Go over your contract with them very carefully and make sure you are satisfied with the terms.
  • Pack an overnight bag. When you’re done moving into your new home, unpacking can seem daunting. An overnight bag packed with clothes and toiletries will allow you a day or so to get the bare essentials unpacked.

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