Why buy a manufactured home?

122 Blue Moon KitchenWhen a traditional home is built, a general contractor brings in many different specialized companies to perform different parts of the construction. Earth moving companies dig the foundation, plumbers and electricians run sewer and power, while foundation experts pour and finish it. The general contractor usually does the framing theselves but then it’s time to call in more subcontractors. Drywall installers, roofers, bricklayers, and many others all perform just one small part of the job.

Despite all the checks and signoffs, mistakes can and do happen. The general contractor has to approve all of the work done by others, but it’s nearly impossible for him to find and correct every deficiency.

With a manufactured home, this is no longer the case. Every home is finely engineered. Manufactured home builders are able to scrutinize the assembly of each and every home from raw lumber to finished product. This level of quality control is virtually unparalleled in traditional home building.

When you buy a manufactured home you’re purchasing a level of quality control that is nearly impossible to match with a site-built home, and you sacrifice none of the modern amenities either. Parts compatibility and consistent manufacturing techniques, pioneered by Henry Ford so that the automobile could be made affordable to everyone, have now made their way to home manufacturing, and with similar results.

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