Finding a Good School District

Looking for a good school district? Let us help you find the home of your dreams.

Looking for a good school district? Let us help you find the home of your dreams.

If you have kids, and you’re looking for a new home, finding a good school district is usually right at the top of the list. and 7 Investments offers properties and homes in some of the best school districts in the DFW metroplex. Our semi-rural properties offer the advantages of both rural and urban living, including small class-size and low property taxes.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that good school districts are only found in wealthy suburban enclaves. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, some of the best schools are a bit further out and are made up of kids coming from families across the income spectrum. We’re not talking about forced integration or cross-district bussing either.

Truly the best schools are found outside of the urban areas where the courts have forced things to be as they are. and 7 Investments offer properties and affordable homes located in some of the best Blue Ribbon school districts in North Texas. Areas like Godley, Joshua, and Weatherford are all some of the finest most caring school districts you’ll find.

Looking for a fantastic school district for your child? Are you ready to own your own piece of the American Dream? Are you ready to own a home of your own? You can do it, and we can help.

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We offer affordable properties in Godley, Joshua, and Weatherford school systems.