Advantages to Rural Living

Horse3Many people dream of an idyllic country lifestyle, with room to spread out, no nosy neighbors, low crime rates, good school districts, and a little spread of land with a simple home. Sounds great in theory, but is rural living all it’s cracked up to be?

It sure can be.

In Texas in particular, rural areas boast low property taxes compared to urban areas, and at the same time provide great schools with low student to teacher ratios. Small class sizes mean that your child gets more one-on-one attention than they would in a larger school district in the city.

Lower populations mean lower traffic and, ironically, a commute that is often faster than those of city dwellers. All that stop-and-go city traffic is an enormous waste of your precious time. Inner-city traffic is often many times worse than commuter traffic entering and leaving the city. If you’re going to be stuck in your car anyway, why not make the commute to your own peaceful abode just a few miles away from the bright lights of the city?

The biggest reason people cite for moving to the country is the staple of American liberty: Freedom. Many neighborhoods in the city and suburbs are very nice, though expensive, master-planned communities with overbearing and restrictive home owner’s associations. These HOAs dictate everything from the color of your house, to the type of grass you plant on your lawn. Need a shed in your back yard? That’s a shame, because your HOA won’t allow it. Want a vegetable garden? You’d better make sure it’s permitted. Having guests over who need to park their car in the street? That may not be allowed either, and violations of HOA rules could mean fines or even the loss of your home!

On your own acreage in the country, you’re free to do nearly anything you like. You can paint your house, plant a vegetable garden, have any sort of lawn you like, or even no lawn at all.

Did we mention the peace and quiet?

With your own place in the country you’re far removed from the hustle and bustle, and the stress of the urban rat-race. Imagine being able to stretch out on your porch in the cool night air with a nice beverage in one hand, able to gaze up and actually see the stars! You certainly can’t do that in the city!

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