The New Chisholm Trail Parkway Means Fast Commutes to Fort Worth

Stretching 27.6 miles from Fort Worth to Johnson county, southwest of the metroplex, the Chisholm Trail Parkway is a project 9-years in the making. Linking the previously cut-off suburbs of Joshua and Cleburne it promises to bring rapid development all along the corridor.

The Chisholm Trail Parkway is run by the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) and, as such, is a toll road. Drivers with a toll tag can expect to pay just less than $5 to drive the complete length of the road. Without a toll tag, the NTTA charges a little more than $7 using their electronic Zip Cash billing system.

The benefits to drivers using the new parkway are manifold. Commutes that used to take nearly an hour have been cut to as little as 20-minutes. Besides the time savings, fuel savings also quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars a month.

Construction is still ongoing through the end of 2014, particularly in the downtown Fort Worth section of the parkway where it connects to I-30, which itself is currently being rebuilt. In the meantime drivers must use Montgomery or University to enter the road from the downtown area. Additionally, ramps linking I-20 are not quite yet complete and surface streets must be used there as well.

Is it all worth it? For residents of Joshua and Cleburne it soon will be as drive times from their rural abodes to the city are slashed by as much as 50%. Drivers utilizing I-35 will also benefit from the reduction in congestion as well.

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